Thank you for your interest in Paradis. We're looking to represent the world's next superstar, no matter where you may be located. Take a few minutes to fill out this form, introduce yourself, and one of our representatives will get back to you.

Please remember you're trying to make an impression on a group of individuals who have never met you: be yourself, show us your personality, style, and flare - we want to see you as you.

Grab your parent, sibling, or best friend - someone you can trust to get the best pictures possible. Think passport photo over fashion shoot - Paradis is not interested in a glammed up vision, but your natural raw beauty.

There are a few rules: This application cannot be submitted by your sister, brother, cousin, or friend - you must complete this application by yourself. If you are under 18 years of age, you will need parental consent before filling out this application. Please do not wear any makeup in your photos, and follow directions.

Finally: anyone can apply - as no experience is needed. Please note: Paradis does not charge an application fee to apply, and we do not have open calls.

Step 1 – Basic Information

Step 2 – Measurements

Step 3 – Photo Submissions

Please submit four photos of yourself: close up, full-length, left 1/2 profile, and right profile. Do your best to replicate the sample images below. These don't need to be professionally done, but there are some guidelines: Shoot your photos outdoors in natural daylight but not direct sunlight. Remember, we're looking for natural so no makeup, wear your hair down, and no smiles, please. This is like a passport photo to document your look for us.

Close Up
Left 1/2 Profile
Right Profile